X-rays can be used to look at bones as well as other structures inside your body such as the lungs and bowel.

General x-rays are also good at seeing other things which may be inside you like a joint replacement, swallowed coin or kidney stone as long as they are dense enough.


There is no preparation required for an x-ray.

You may be asked to remove some of your clothes and jewellery so they don’t get in the way of the image and potentially hide an important finding.

If clothes are to be removed you will be given a gown to wear.


Depending upon the part of your body being imaged you may need to stand, sit on a chair or lie down on the x-ray table. Usually at least two x-ray views are required to look at a particular area and sometimes more. There are certain views which are recommended depending upon the part of the body being imaged and the clinical information your doctor has given us. The radiographer will explain what is required and move your body part into the necessary position. You can let them know if it is too painful.

The x-ray beam is limited to the area being imaged to reduce the radiation dose as far as possible. For more information on dose see the x-ray page.


X-rays can take a few minutes up to 45 minutes.

It will depend on what your Doctor has asked for as well as your mobility.

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