In order to attend these clinics, patients need to be referred to a breast surgeon by their general practitioner.

The Breast Clinics are designed for people with a symptom, or for follow-up visits. This could be for: surveillance after surgery; patients with a family history of breast cancer; or other reasons.

There are two Breast Clinics located at St Andrew’s Hospital and Attunga Medical Centre (Burnside Hospital). These two breast speciality locations offer dedicated radiology breast teams, with services for patients with referrals from a general practitioner and breast and plastic surgeons.

In addition to these outpatient services we also hold daily Breast Imaging Clinic sessions where the Breast Surgeon and radiology team consult together to image and manage patients with breast symptoms or those who are at high risk of breast cancer.

Our two clinics are involved in regular multidisciplinary breast meetings, where the patient’s diagnosis of breast cancer is discussed for the purpose of management and optimal prognosis for the patient.

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