Jones Radiology is committed to delivering you the best possible patient experience.

With access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we are at the forefront of medical imaging advances.

Radiologists / Doctors

Our radiologists are assisted by a team of highly trained technologists and health care professionals who have a wealth of expertise in medical imaging and are committed to your safety and comfort. We believe that patient expertise and contribution to their own care is essential and respected through providing them with knowledge about their medical procedures to make them feel comfortable and confident in their care; making sure they know they can ask questions, have the capacity to do so, and understand what they have been told.

Board of Directors

Jones Radiology is steered by highly skilled and carefully selected individuals who comprise our Board of Directors. They include both radiologists and industry experts, all committed to improving the future of radiology and advancing the practice.

Senior Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team is responsible for guiding and developing the Jones Radiology practice.

Medical Liaison Officers

Our team of Medical Liaison Officers (MLOs) are key to strengthening our existing relationships with referring clinicians. They communicate the value of our services and inform changes to those services in order to ensure we provide an exceptional referrer and patient experience.

Through this communication, they are also able to obtain feedback, identify areas of need for education, and seek to deliver this through either a personal or group setting.

MLOs also assist our Radiologists in preparing for multi-disciplinary meetings, where they obtain requested imaging for review. Through the MLOs important relationships with our clinicians, they are able to identify individual referrer needs and to tailor services to them.

Clinic Teams

Our experienced and skilled clinic teams are committed to your safety, comfort and best possible patient experience. View the clinic team page for further information.