Medical Liaison Officers (MLOs)

Our team of dedicated Medical Liaison Officers ensure the individual needs of our referring Doctors are met. Whilst building these important relationships with our referrers, the MLOs create a seamless referrer experience.

Our MLOs can help you with:

  • Service Enquiries
  • InteleViewer / Jones Radiology Online
  • Referring Criteria
  • Radiology Updates
  • Report Delivery
  • Referrer Feedback
  • Education & Events

If you require assistance accessing your InteleViewer account, please contact our Support Team on (08) 8309 2222 (option 2).

Our MLOs

Eula Sotiropoulos
Medical Liaison Officer Eula Sotiropoulos
Jenna Staltari
Medical Liaison Officer Jenna Staltari
Jazmine Levison (GP Enquiries)
Medical Liaison Officer Jazmine Levison (GP Enquiries)