Pelvic MRI is a non-invasive procedure that takes images of the Pelvis and can include the rectum, anal fistula and urethral diverticula.

When you arrive for your examination, you will be asked to fill out a safety questionnaire.

You will lie in the scanner with a special coil over your pelvis. This area needs to be in the centre of the magnet and you will usually go into the magnet feet first. For many patients your head will be outside of the scanner.

During the scan, you will need to be as still as possible. If you experience claustrophobia (fear of small places), please discuss this with us before your scan. If sedation (medication to relax you) is required, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home.

MRI scanners make a loud knocking sound while the images are developed. To reduce the impact of the noise, you will be offered headphones or earplugs. You will also be offered a buzzer to press if you want to talk to the technologist at any time during the scan.

Before your Scan

When making the appointment, you will be told to fast (not eat or drink anything) for 6 hours before your appointment.

Because MRI uses large and strong magnets to create images, it is important that jewellery such as watches, chains, earrings and other metallic items such as eye-glasses are removed before the scan. You may also be asked to change into an examination gown for your safety and to make sure your clothing does not affect the images and diagnostic quality of the scan.


MRI of the pelvis takes 20-30 minutes.

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