This ultrasound looks at the contents of the scrotum, which includes the testes, epididymis and associated vessels and nerves. It is commonly done to investigate pain, swelling, lumps, trauma, fertility work-ups and congenital/developmental anomalies.

As ultrasound uses sound waves to create images, it is a safe and painless procedure.

Male pelvic scans are also commonly done to assess prostate size and bladder issues. Specific information about scans for prostate, bladder or kidneys can be found under ‘Renal Ultrasound‘.


Your examination will be performed by a sonographer who will introduce themselves and confirm your identity and the procedure you are having.

You will be asked to change into a gown or lower the bottom half of your clothing. Towels will be used to cover your lower abdomen/groin region, and the scrotal area will be uncovered for the scan. Clear gel is applied to the skin over the area to be examined (scrotum) to allow the ultrasound probe to move freely over the surface of the skin.

Before your Scan

If possible, wear clothing that allows easy access to the area that is being imaged, such as two-piece clothing (separate upper/lower garments).


Approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

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