Undergoing an MRI can be frightening for a child. Our aim is to provide the highest quality and most appropriate imaging to both children and their parents.

Both of our St Andrew’s Hospital clinic and Kurralta Park clinic locations are staffed by Radiologists experienced in Paediatrics who also hold respected appointments at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Our technologists have extensive experience in paediatric imaging and the special needs of children. Surroundings are child friendly to minimise the potential trauma to children and their parents while undergoing diagnostic procedures. Our staff are always available to answer any questions you may have prior to, during or after the study.

During the Scan

Prior to the scan beginning a special signal receiving coil may be placed around your child’s knee, head, shoulder or abdomen (depending on the nature of the examination).

Your child will be asked to lie on a moveable table which positions the body part to be imaged in the centre of the tunnel.

During the examination your child will hear a series of loud knocking noises and may feel a slight vibration. Headphones playing music or earplugs will be provided. It is important that they remain as still as possible during the scan otherwise the images taken will appear blurry.

Constant communication, both verbal and visual, is maintained throughout the scan to ensure your child is comfortable. If at any time your child becomes uncomfortable, a buzzer enables them to communicate with the technologist.

Before your Scan

In most cases there is no special preparation.

Depending upon your child’s individual needs, you may be asked to accompany them to the scanning room for the duration of the exam. Prior to this, you will be asked to fill out an MRI safety questionnaire (in addition to your child’s form) ensuring you are safe to enter the MRI environment. You will also be asked to remove any metallic objects from yourself as they may pose a risk in the MRI environment.

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