Jones Radiology Online allows referring doctors and specialists to access imaging and reports online.

Results can be viewed in real time, with easy, on-the-go access from any Windows or Mac desktop, laptop or Mac device.

Accounts can be linked between multiple practitioners in a group practice as well as multiple practice locations.

To create an account and gain access to our digital imaging network, please simply complete the New Referrer Form.

There are two ways to access Jones Radiology Online:


InteleViewer is a web-based program which allows practitioners digital access to images and reports.

The program is simple to use, secure and allows instant access to all imaging within the Jones Radiology network.

To get started, the program simply needs to be installed on the desktop and the Jones Radiology Online URL bookmark added to the application.

View InteleViewer Installation information.


Inteleconnect is a no install, secure, web-portal which can be accessed from any browser, on any device.

Inteleconnect can be accessed 24/7 and email notifications can be set up to alert you when reports have been completed.

This is the recommended option for practitioners within a SA Health setting (public hospital).

All you need is:

View InteleConnect Installation information.