A Whole Body Composition scan is an x-ray scan performed by a Medical Imaging Technologist on a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scanner which measures the density of the skeletal bones, as well as the amount of fat and muscle tissue within the body. It is a very low x-ray dose procedure.

Body Composition scans can assist with your health and treatment regime. It is more accurate than body weight, BMI and skin fold testing for assessing fitness levels and health risks, whether you are an elite athlete or just interested in being more involved in your general health.


It is a simple, pain-free scan. Your height and weight are measured to allow the computer to generate information about your bone density. You need to lie on a padded table while you are scanned.


Body Composition scans are fast, easy scans, appointments are generally 15 minutes in length and all you need to do is lie still on a padded scan table for approximately 7 minutes.

Preparation and Precautions

It is important that you don’t have any metal on your body during the scan, so please leave all jewellery at home, or be prepared to remove prior to your scan. Implanted metal devices are ok to scan, adjustments will be made on your results by the Technician.

Please wear comfortable clothes that don’t have any metal eg. zips, buttons etc and if possible for females to wear a clip-less bra with no underwires will save having to undress at your appointment.

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