The EOS System is a unique combination of low-dose 2D/3D X-ray imaging technology used throughout the course of treatment for skeletal conditions, particularly those affecting the spine, hip and knee. The system provides full length 3D modelling of skeletal anatomy.

EOS exams may be prescribed to diagnose patients, to plan their treatment, to assess their condition post-operatively and to continue to monitor them in follow-up care.

Preparation for EOS Imaging

There is no preparation required for an EOS X-ray.

You may be asked to remove some of your clothes and jewellery so they don’t get in the way of the image and potentially hide an important finding.

If clothes are to be removed you will be given a gown to wear.


To obtain the images you will be required to stand in the EOS booth.


Total scan time for a full spine, including frontal and lateral views, takes about 20 seconds.


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