Image credit: National Imaging Facility

Today we officially launched the first MAGNETOM Cima.X MRI Machine in Australia at our SAHMRI clinic. We were thrilled to have the Hon. Dr Susan Close, Deputy Premier of South Australia join us for the unveiling of this world-class technology.

The Hon. Dr Susan Close, Deputy Premier of South Australia and Prof. Susan O'Neill, CEO Jones Radiology with MAGNETOM Cima.X MRI machine

Image credit: National Imaging Facility

The machine, developed by Siemens Healthineers, is the latest evolution in high-end 3T MRI technology. Located within the SAHMRI Clinical Research Imaging Centre, we are extremely proud to host the second Cima.X machine in the world.

At Jones Radiology, we are extremely humbled to be chosen for this monumental part of medical imaging history. This system will provide a window into the microstructure of the human body in a way not previously possible in a clinical system, whilst also reducing the time required to capture these images.

Dr Andrew Dwyer, Partner Radiologist with Jones Radiology, and the Head of Imaging at SAHMRI says that the Cima.X has the potential to revolutionise MRI for both clinical and research purposes.

“The clinical benefits of this technology will be initially realised for degenerative brain diseases, traumatic brain injury, and supporting precision treatment of brain tumours,”

This is the second milestone showcasing the commitment between Jones Radiology, Siemens and SAHMRI to providing a new service that will grant unlimited research opportunities which will transform patient care and service.

See the incredible machine below!

MAGNETOM Cima.X MRI machine