The cutting-edge technology involved in this machine is game-changing for medical research and improved patient outcomes.

Our Managing Partner, Dr Mitchell Raeside, says PCCT’s unmatched resolution promises to help diagnose and guide treatment for leading causes of disease burden in Australia.

“Photon counting CT is the equivalent of going from regular TV to HD and black-and-white to colour all in one step,” he said. “This revolution in technology will benefit patients through earlier diagnoses and reducing radiation dose by up to 45% when compared to existing scanners.”

Dr Andrew Dwyer, Partner Radiologist and the Head of Imaging at SAHMRI, says PCCT is the biggest advance in CT imaging technology in 20 years.

“Already we know that this technology, for the first time, can visualise inside coronary artery plaques and identify people who are at risk of heart attack. We also know it can probe cancer cells like never before.
“But the most exciting part of this is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what might be possible. Our researchers will thoroughly investigate the potential of PCCT to transform health care.”

The installation is a collaboration between Jones Radiology, SAHMRI and Siemens Healthineers and has been supported by $1m funding from the South Australian Department for Industry, Innovation and Science.

Building works for the PCCT at our SAHMRI clinic are underway, with it expected to be operational by September.


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*Clinical image courtesy of Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam NL