Associate Professor Johan Verjans joined Jones Radiology as an experienced cardiologist, also performing as a cardiologist at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Heart Health and at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Associate Professor Johan Verjans is also a research leader at the University of Adelaide in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Imaging and Digital health and is deputy director at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.

He is a physician-scientist combining cutting-edge research and patient care as a Cardiologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. His recent research has focused on imaging biomarkers from large datasets using supervised and unsupervised machine learning strategies. As Deputy Director of Medical Machine Learning at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, and as platform leader AI at SAHMRI, his main role is to connect world-class machine learning capabilities to the Biomedical Precinct in Adelaide.

Johan authored the Cardiology chapter for Springer Nature’s first book on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging. He received several young investigator awards and recently was awarded the Ahrens Researcher award by the Australian Heart Foundation in 2018.

His Leadership capabilities were demonstrated as full board member of the Royal Dutch Medical Doctors Federation, National committee on the Future of Medical Education, and the Chairman of Young@Heart, a national committee representing Dutch Early and Mid-career Cardiovascular Researchers on behalf of the Netherlands Heart Institute and Dutch Heart Foundation.