Our Jones Radiology specialist Radiologists continue to offer regular education sessions tailored to referrers, and we have two GP Education events scheduled for 2020.

  1. Coronary CT Imaging – Online Live Zoom session

    November 9, 2020

    Diagnosing patients with chest pain or at risk of coronary artery disease can be challenging in general practice. The majority of patients unfortunately do not present with a clear-cut diagnosis. This Education session will discuss how coronary CT can safely and rapidly exclude atherosclerotic disease in patient with chest pain and assess atherosclerotic plaque burden. The coronary CT scan can be performed within days.

    Dr Johan Verjans, Jones Radiology

    Speaker: Dr Johan Verjans

  2. Breast Imaging: The role of 3D Mammography in General Practice – Alice Springs

    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
    82 Barrett Drive

    December 1, 2020
    6.30pm – Dinner & Registration
    7-9pm – Presentation

    Digital 3D mammography offers the potential advantage of detecting breast cancer where standard digital mammography may be limited by dense breast tissue or overlapping tissues which may hide a lesion.

    Also known as Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), this technology takes a series of low dose X-rays through the breast at different angles. It produces a stack of images displayed as fine slices through the breast, utilising volumetric imaging with reconstructed images. VolparaDensityTM software is used in conjunction with DBT to provide an objective assessment of breast density.

    Dr Mary Moss, Jones Radiology

    Speaker: Dr Mary Moss