Patients and referrers from the Spencer Gulf region can access our new Bone Density service from 29 July 2020. This investment builds on our commitment to deliver high-quality, accessible medical imaging services to the communities of regional South Australia.

In addition to our Port Augusta clinic, we have also installed a new Bone Density scanner at our Gawler Health Service clinic in March. Patients and referrers from the northern Adelaide and Barossa region now benefit from this additional imaging service.

The Bone Density scan provides information about bone strength or fragility and the risk of fractures or broken bones. Monitoring bone density loss can help plan for preventative therapy or medical treatment.

The most common reason for having a bone density scan is to detect osteoporosis, a condition which results from loss of bone mineral to a level which increases the risk of fractures.

Our Southern Specialist Centre clinic and Burnside clinic upgraded their already existing Bone Density services, completing the Bone Density fleet upgrade for 2020. The new scanners offer increased patient comfort and produce higher quality images while using smaller radiation doses. They have faster scan times and offer additional functionality with a broader range of examinations, offering patients and referrers more than just a Bone Density result.

Read more about Bone Density scans, or locate your nearest Bone Density scanner using our Clinic Finder, Filter By Procedure.