LuPSMA has demonstrated improvement in quality of life, with early reports of prolongation in survival in some patients with advanced or metastatic prostate carcinoma.

LuPSMA therapy is suitable for most but not all cases of prostate carcinoma. Patients will see a Nuclear Medicine specialist for consultation to assess suitability for treatment. The following imaging and pathology tests will be required prior to the decision made regarding suitability for therapy:

  • F18- PSMA PET scan within 6-8 weeks and an FDG PET scan to exclude discordant disease.
  • Blood work-up (including full blood count, biochemistry, PSA).

Patients undergoing LuPSMA therapy will be asked to participate in an Audit, which will include monitoring their response to therapy with PSA levels and a quality of life questionnaire, as well as assessment of the side effect profile of this treatment. An Information Guide Lu-177 PSMA Therapy for Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer is available for patients.

For further clinical information please contact Dr Michelle Nottage, Modality Director – Nuclear Medicine, or Dr Michael Kitchener, Nuclear Medicine Physician. Consultation bookings can be made on 1800 875 290.