Real time functional assessment of the pelvis can provide an earlier diagnosis of endometriosis and allow patients to seek appropriate treatment.

Ultrasound examination for Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis is a Dynamic Transvaginal scan which includes:

  • Uterus assessed for mobility and associated adenomyosis
  • Ovaries are examined for adhesions and endometriomas
  • Lower bowel is examined for endometriotic nodules
  • Vaginal wall, the retro-cervical space and Pouch of Douglas are examined for the presence of free fluid, adhesions and nodules
  • An assessment of locations of pelvic tenderness.

How To Refer

A pelvic ultrasound in the diagnosis of Deep infiltrating Endometriosis is Medicare rebated. It can be referred by both GPs and Specialists. The referring clinician should specify either “Query Endometriosis” or “Dynamic Pelvic Ultrasound”.

Patient Preparation – Standard preparation for a pelvic ultrasound. Patients are required to drink 1L of water, 1 hour prior to the exam. This scan can be uncomfortable for patients with disease.

The Advertiser article No Endo of Pain as Invisible Illness is Laid Bare highlights the prevalence of this painful condition and some of the effects of delayed diagnosis.

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